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 Seminars organized by the French-Norwegian Foundation

France and Norway have signed a bilateral agreement on Research, Technology and Innovation in July 2008; the bilateral scientific and technical committee meets every two years to discuss thematic priorities for cooperation. The Foundation FFN/FNS acts as an operational instrument by organizing French-Norwegian seminars to enhance cooperation in the domains selected by the committee (bilateral or larger cooperation in the frame of European programmes). These seminars allow French and Norwegian R&D actors from private and public sectors to meet and discuss on common technical fields of interest.

List of the seminars organized by the Foundation

    * Seminar Marine Renewable Energy, June 2010, Oslo
    * Seminar Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences, June 2011, Paris
    * Seminar Marine, June 2013, Bergen.


Seminars supported by the Foundation

Workshops and seminars are organized in order to help French and Norwegian companies and researchers to identify subjects of cooperation for developing new markets and achieving joint industrial initiatives.

The Foundation decides to support a seminar when a topic of joint interest emerges as beneficial to the French and Norwegian industries. Sometimes they are held in France, sometimes in Norway.

The host country organizes exchanges of views, visits to companies and industrial sites, for a group of about 15 representatives from companies and research centres able to commit their organization to a co-operation initiative in the future. Seminars take place over 3 to 5 days, and include:

• a general presentation of the participants and their research and development strategy
• exchanges of view in small groups on points selected for possible co-operation
• company visits and bilateral discussions aimed at establishing fields of co-operation.

Workshops and Seminars (1984 – 2009)

1984 Oslo Materia
1984 Brest Aquaculture
1985 Paris Offshore technologies
1986 Paris Artificial intelligence
1987 Trondheim Studies and research for marine technologies
1989 Oslo Materials
1989 La Rochelle Aquaculture
1989 Caen Smart cards
1991 Rueil-Malmaison Major risks
1991 Paris Space technologies
1992 Oslo Robotics and under-sea operations
1992 Paris Polar research at Svalbard
1993 Paris INSROP presentation
1994 Oslo Prevention and treatment of nuclear and chemical pollution
1995 Tromsø Telemedicine
1998 Rueil-Malmaison Treatment of oil and gas formation water
2000 Nantes Agrobusiness and Information Technology
2001 Ås Management of water quality
2004  Stjørdal  Knowledge Management in Integrated Drilling Operations
2004  Brest  Technologies for Sea Search, Assistance and Rescue
2005  Paris  Aquaculture / Research and Innovation
2005 Montpellier  Recirculation Water technology in aquacultrue
2005  Bergen  Operational Oceanography
2005  Høvik  Hydrogen and Transport
2006 Brest Technologies for Search and Rescue and other Emergency Marine Operations
2007  Grenoble  French-Norwegian Workshop on Micro and Nano Optics
2007  Oslo  French-Norwegian Seminar on Carbon Capture and Sequestration
2008 Brest   Technologies for Search and Rescue and other Emergency Marine Operations
2008  Paris  Neurosciences
2009  Paris  New renewable energy
2009  Bergen  Symposium on Nano and Micro Frontiers in Biology and Medicine
2009  Toulouse  European Cancer Cluster Partnering
2009  Le Havre

Doctoral Student Seminar on Capture, Transport and Storage of CO2

And from 2010 to 2013,

2010 Oslo, Cancer Cluster: European Cancer Cluster Partnering (ECCP2010)

2011 Trondheim, Degradation, Damage

2011 Oslo, Water Resource Management

2011 Dijon, Taste, Nutrition, Health

2011 Brest,  Technologies for Search and Rescue and other Emergency Marine Operations

2011 Trondheim, 2nd French-Norwegian student seminar on CCS

2012 Toulouse, Flow assurance

2012 Tours, Batteries

2012-2013 Toulouse and Oslo, Oil&Space

Concerning our support to PROJECTS, please see our 2010-2012 summary activité-FFN FNS-janvier 2013.doc

and our Annual Report.